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My spam levels seem to be in the region of 92% to 96% daily.  Your 98%,
although it seems a bit high, taking account the xmas break where no
alot of genuine email, I presume, would have been sent, therefore alot
more spam vs ham.
Hope this helps
Andrew Hodges


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I am trying to put together reports for my clients to impress them with
how good a job our filtering system is working, but I don't understand
the statistics well enough to explain it to them.  For my domain for
December, I get the following totals:


   Mail                     33,878        Are these "ham"?

   Virus                    124

   Spam                   6,261

   MCP                    0.0  

   Volume                618.9 Mb

   Unknown Users    433,489

   Can't Resolve       66,282

   RBL                     1,624,822


Ultimately, the most basic stats of interest are:


   a) What is the total number of messages processed?

   b) How many were filtered out? (i.e. how much time/money did this
save them?)


I can't figure out how I should add the totals above together to get
this information.  My guess would be:


   Filtered out = Virus + Spam + MCP + UnknownUsers + Can'tResolve + RBL
= 2,130,978

   Messages getting through = "Mail" = 33,878

   Total processed = "Filtered Out" + " Messages getting though" =


However, this would indicate 98% of the messages are getting blocked...
This seems a bit extreme, so I think I'm missing something here.


Can someone enlighten me on how this works?







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