Sloppy error checking in MS code

Dennis Willson taz at
Mon Dec 18 18:19:04 CET 2006

I think this is a bit out of hand...

I was a software architect for a very large company doing enterprise 
level projects for many years. I have done a very brief overview of 
some of the MS code and found that, no it doesn't check every possible 
return. What it does check I believe is enough to ensure that mail is 
not dropped.

Thre are basically 5 things that can happen when an error occurs:
1. The error is 'worked around' by the software and recovered from and 
processing continues normally.
2. The mail is passed through to the user unprocessed allowing Spam 
through as well.
3. mail is bounced notifiying the sender that it was not delivered
4. mail builds up in the incoming queue not being picked up by MS
5. mail dropped and lost forever.

I believe that only number 5 is totally unacceptable and I believe 
that Juilan has done enough error checking to be sure that doesn't 

Can we move on now????

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