Sloppy error checking in MS code

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This is patently false.  The overhead, as you're measuring as "almost
non-existent", may be small on a single operation; but when you scale it
to many messages it will add up.


Here's the deal.  Rewrite the postfix code yourself.  If you find it
acceptable and peer review says you've checked everything, some postfix
user or two will thank you for it.  MS is not some sort of granite
monument that's going to stand for all to see for a billion years; it's
a piece of functional software that adds enormous value to the standard
spamassassin rig and we all ought to be forced to bow to Julian a half
dozen times a day for the sheer privlilege of using it, ny...just
looking at it from a distance, let alone using it to make all our lives

Questioning Julian...we should all be ashamed of ourselves... <wags


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Res wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Mike Jakubik wrote:
>> system call produce? I believe what distinguishes good software from 
>> bad is how the software handles errors. What you are saying seems to 
>> contradict, as
> If I have to evaluate two pieces of software, doing the exact same
> One that checks for every single error code (as is apparently so 
> important to you and the postfix crybabies, and lets not forget Venema

> has always had somthing against MS) and takes 5 minutes to process a 
> batch of 50 msgs, and one that checks for the only really needed calls

> that does a batch of 50 in 5 seconds, the latter wins hands down.

The overhead of checking the errorlevel a function returns is almost
non-existent, and indeed some functions are checked properly in the
sendmail code, but not the in postfix code, why?
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