New ClamAV out

John Rudd jrudd at
Sat Dec 16 20:19:33 GMT 2006

Way to the Web wrote:

> If anyone is still seeing this problem, we found that it's fixed by force
> reinstalling the clamav perl module. According to the clamav developers:
>> Due to the changes in libclamav, 0.88.7 is not binary compatible with
>> previous
>> versions. To solve the issues you have to recompile all the software 
>> which
>> is
>> linked against libclamav.

It has pretty much been my experience (which may just be due to 
coincidence since I don't use the clamav perl module in production yet, 
and have only had to do this one or two times) that any time I upgrade 
the clamav binaries, I have to forcibly reinstall the perl module in 
order for it to recognize the the new clamav version.

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