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Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Dec 14 23:48:37 GMT 2006

James Fagan spake the following on 12/14/2006 11:55 AM:
>> Hi all. 
>> Yesterday, I downloaded the latest(?) version of MS from 
>> for a CentOS server. The version 
>> available was 4.57.6-1. Today when I go look (installing a 
>> new server different OS), the version available today is 4.56.8-1.
>> What is the latest stable version?
>> Thanks!
>> Carl
>> --
> I think the same thing happend to me. I looked today to update one of
> our servers and when I DL'd the file 
> it was a diffrent version than the day before. I figured I had
> accidently installed the beta version. 
> It worked as expected. 
> But it would be nice to know what version is what :) is the newest stable. There must have been a problem with the
downloads page, maybe it was restored from a backup.
You can get the current here.


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