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Thu Dec 14 14:56:18 GMT 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

> insanely mossy/mouldy crap that is called "stable" in the Debian case.
> "Unstable" is is in some ways more stable than at least some RPM-based
> distros:-):-). And still not that close to bleeding edge either. Oh
> well.

this is one reason why debian will never get a look in here, its  so 
calkeld curent stable is akin to using a 2.2 kernel, its so far behind
it actuallt is funny

> But one has to realise that this isn't always up to the one asking the
> questions... It might be the result of pigheaded PHBs and
> miss-directed policies. So ... a friendly clue as to how to get around

later versions  = less bugs + more security + reliability (in most cases)
so no ones policy should mandate that thall shall be rapeable, or I'd like 
to think not, but then again, thjere are windwos admins out there arnt 
there :P

> the current problem, as well as some advice ... Keeps the tone of the
> forum nice, and who knows... The asker might even do an update or
> three;-).

or 33 of using debian



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