Is this really how bayes+autolearn works?

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Wed Dec 13 14:35:33 GMT 2006


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> Furnish, Trever G spake the following on 12/12/2006 1:59 PM:
> > So Bayes is getting lots of messages that SA doesn't detect 
> as spam, 
> > and only a few similar messages that I train it to treat as 
> spam.  Is 
> > this a plausible explanation for why Bayes would consistently be 
> > misclassifying this mail?
> >  
> > So far the floods start in the afternoon and the subject 
> strings are 
> > consistent enough that I'm able to correct the damage by:
> >     - removing my bayes database and retraining from archived spam 
> > corpus (slow)
> >     - creating custom rules to, for example, filter out "Subject =~ 
> > /Good Morning/" (dangerous)
> I also see a lot of spam coming from bots, but I consistently 
> catch most of it. Are you using some good add-on rules?
> Do you have any samples that some of us could run through our 
> systems to see what we get?

Sure -- I'll forward as attachments after sending this message (wanted
to send this separate message on the chance that you'll filter them out
and never know I responded).

- Trever

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