MailWatch... is it still being developed?

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> >> MailWatch... is it still being developed?
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> > Of course it is.
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> > What made you think otherwise?
> Perhaps the missing release since over a year on
Even a rather cursory search of the MW mailing list archives would
reveal that a major rewrite is in the makings ... and has been for a
longish time. I respect Steve for his great work, as well as his
position that he really wants to be in the driver seat here
(precluding anyone helping him much)... And he has actually set a date
(well, a quarter:-) for release now, which likely means we'll see
something workable close to that time (perhaps 07Q2 would be the time
to schedule an update to 2.0:-).

Steve has graciously made a sneak preview available at (login with guest as both username
and password), if you'd like a look.

Oh, and further discussion should likely be taken to the MW list;-).

-- Glenn
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