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in all seriousness, when we answer this question it's along the lines
we block mpeg files because they have no business value, we allow doc
files because they do even though they offer the opportunity for
vulnerabilities.  we then allow on our antivirus at the gateway, server,
and workstation to mitigate the risk.


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*LOL* YES I know it will cause a lot of problems - that's why we do not
do it - but the question was raised by a customer of mine - if we where
and why not. The point is when do we "protect" and when do we "protect
only if it does annoy" :-) 


Anyway - thanks - and thanks for the links, Gerard, I will look at the
sites and maybe even learn something :-D 


Best regards



Emne: RE: word files


you think blocking BMP annoys people, try blocking word files...


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