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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Fri Dec 8 08:59:30 GMT 2006


Bob Jones wrote:
> Hey all, I know this is a dead horse but I couldn't find anything that 
> answered this as completely as I liked.  So, I know in general, with 
> MailScanner if you are using Sendmail 8.13 you should use a Lock Type of 
> posix, and I've found many a post which mentions this.  However, I have 
> a tickle in the back of my head that on Solaris systems (9 in this 
> case), the lock type should still be flock.  Is my memory correct or do 
> I need to change it to posix?

No I believe you are correct.

I run on Solaris 8 with Sendmail 8.13 and have my lock type set to flock.

A while ago I had a go at trying to stop people on this list declaring 
that you had to use lock type = posix on any system using Sendmail 8.13, 
without reference to the OS.  I gave up in the end as we continue to get 
people stating as fact that you MUST use lock type = posix for Sendmail 
8.13 without considering the OS.  The facts are that on Linux with 
Sendmail 8.13 you _MUST_ use lock type = posix, but this is not true for 
all OSs.

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