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Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at
Wed Dec 6 22:55:25 GMT 2006

Using Postfix and Vispan.
I block it at the firewall.  Keeps the log file size down and iptable
dropped connections to not get reflected in the in the graphs.

The "Spam" Tab will show you the Level of blocking, how long the
Address will be blocked, The blocked IP address and the reverse DNS
entry if it could be determined.

>>> Scott Silva <ssilva at> 12/6/2006 11:13 AM >>>
Thom Jones spake the following on 12/6/2006 8:12 AM:
> Just a quick question for anyone using Vispan - 
> Which is preferable?  Blocking at the sendmail access level or
blocking with 
> IPTables?  
> thanks for any input.
If you are already running iptables you can block there. But I am not
sure if
mail dropped at the firewall shows in the graphs like mail dropped at
the MTA.


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