How do others do it?

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Wed Dec 6 09:50:45 GMT 2006

Hi Jay,

Chandler, Jay wrote:

>  Now I'm preparing to tackle the task of setting up Mailscanner outbound.
>  Obviously I want virus scanning enabled, but how do most of you handle the 
> spam scanning issue?  Do you tag and pass, do you not scan at all, or some 
> other option?

Treat your users like all others, the more that did this the better things 
would be for all, too many people sit back and say " it'll never be our 
users spamming " and they end up being, at some stage the ones that ARE :)

It only takes one moron with a worm infected winblows pc an hour to have 
your mail server sending out 80K spams, but by then it's too late, the 
damage has already been done.


"Just a world that we all must share, it's not enough just to stand and
stare, is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away" - Floyd

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