Storing spam mails to separate alias for each user

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Tue Dec 5 16:22:59 GMT 2006

I don't know that you can send them to individual quarantine
directories, but if you install MailWatch
( you can query it on a per
user basis (and much more) by using the filter option in the reports.
Works a treat...

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Subject: Storing spam mails to separate alias for each user

I am using MS/SA with sendmail on a RHEL 4.0 box.
MS allows to deliver all spam ( or high scoring spams) to
be either delivered or stored to a common quarantine area.
Can I store the spam mails on per user basis on the mail server,
so that user can check the their spam mails from time to time.
(ie for user1 , all spams to be stored at user1_spam file.)
They will get the non-spam mails delivered to their mail
 boxes automatically.
Please suggest.

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