number spam

Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Dec 5 00:16:26 GMT 2006

Rob Freeman spake the following on 12/4/2006 3:56 PM:
> Just starting getting some spam attacks with just numbers in the body. 
> The subject is random along with the senders.  So far it is just a 5 or
> 6 digit number like 54732 or 684324.  I guess someone is phishing for
> address’s at this point.  Any way to block these?
> Thanks
> Rob
All of mine have hit rfc.ignorant and bayes_99 if that helps you. You could up
the score of DNS_FROM_RFC_ABUSE. I haven't seen too many that weren't caught
by other means. But then I drop sbl-xbl at the mta, so maybe I am dodging the
bullet somewhat.


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