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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Mon Dec 4 21:03:52 GMT 2006

Stef Morrell a écrit :
> I have a client who receives encrypted zip files from her accountant.
> These end up marked as virus due to the inability of the scanning
> engines to unpack them. I'm trying to disable virus scanning for this
> (only) sender when sending to this specific user.
> In MailScanner.conf I have:
> Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/antivirus.rules
> and in my anti-virus.rules
> To:	lotsofclients at 	yes
> ...
> To:	thisclient at	and From:
> accountant at   no
> To:	thisclient at 	yes
> ...
> FromOrTo: 	default		no
> However this doesn't seem to stop the scanning. 
> Where have I gone wrong?

I think you should rather use:
# Should archives which contain any password-protected files be allowed?
# Leaving this set to "no" is a good way of protecting against all the
# protected zip files used by viruses at the moment.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Allow Password-Protected Archives = %rules-dir%/pwd.archives.rules

# cat pwd.archives.rules
FromOrTo:   user1 at yourdomain  yes
FromOrTo:   Default no


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