Passing Arguments in CustomFunctions

davi at davi at
Sun Dec 3 14:03:01 GMT 2006

Dear list,

I am thinking about extending the capacities of the MailScanner in 
filtering e-mails and would like to use one CustomFunction instead of one 
ruleset. All called CustomFunction receives as argument $message, i whant 
to pass text parameter with this call like this:

Allow IFrame Tags = &RuleByUser('iframe')

Virus Scanners =  &RuleByUser('virusscanner')

Filename Rules = &RuleByUser('filename')

With this, a get one Function to process all requests, else i need 
FrameByUser, ScanByUser, FileNameByUser, allot functions, allot modules. 
Maybe this function return something from ldap server, sql server etc 

any idea ??

Best regards,

Davi Baldin
JVS do Brasil - IBM BP Premier
davi at
(19) 3254-1266
(19) 9266-6793 ** NOVO **
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