Slightly OT: sfm-sav milter

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Dec 1 23:42:10 GMT 2006

Dennis Willson wrote:
> Actually smf-sav is SUPPOSE to do an mx lookup (and the code is in
> there) to do the sender verification.
> I've tested this and it works on mine. Since so many large ISPs (and
> myself) don't send and receive from the same server and the sending
> server doen't actually know the recipients it would break sav if it
> didn't do the mx lookup.
> Normally smf-sav does mx lookups of the mail-from and uses the
> mailertable to do the rcpt-to lookup.

Hmmm.  That's what I'd have thought should happen, but doesn't seem to
be on my setup.  

Since I have the same note in to the smf list we'll see what light
Eugene can shed on it...

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