Max SpamAssassin Size problems

Kash, Howard (Civ, ARL/CISD) hmkash at
Wed Aug 30 23:33:24 IST 2006

> I don't like that, as most spam can be identified by the first 20k, and
> your idea would let through large spam.

How about this for a compromise - add a new MailScanner.conf option that specifies the behavior if the message size exceeds Max Spamassassin Size.  Quick and easy options would be:
    truncate - current/default behavior
   drop - no content is sent to SA
   continue - continue until next blank line (no limit)
   continue N - continue until next blank line up to a maximum of N bytes - still risk truncating MIME content
The first two options should just be a few lines of code.  Based on previous emails, sounds like you've mostly coded variations of the last two options.  So just add a new MailScanner.conf option to choose which method to use.
Future enhancements could include:
    - make drop and continue options MIME-aware and only drop or continue if truncation occurs inside a MIME block.  Use MIME boundaries instead of blank lines.
    - backtrack option - if truncation point is within a MIME block, revert back to previous MIME boundary, otherwise truncate at Max SpamAssassin Size
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