just gets bigger - no delivery?

Brett Charbeneau brett at
Wed Aug 30 17:19:52 IST 2006

	Alex Broens's suggestion on the redundant rulesets was right on the 
money, but my Inbound queue continues to grow.
	I let MS run for a good 20 minutes and even mail sent to myself just got 
stuck in the queue and was not delivered. Meanwhile the queue continued to 

Aug 30 11:51:26 franklin MailScanner[3228]: New Batch: Found 46 messages waiting 
Aug 30 11:53:06 franklin MailScanner[3228]: New Batch: Found 47 messages waiting 
Aug 30 11:55:39 franklin MailScanner[7997]: New Batch: Found 51 messages waiting 
Aug 30 11:57:10 franklin MailScanner[8046]: New Batch: Found 53 messages waiting 
Aug 30 11:57:31 franklin MailScanner[8031]: New Batch: Found 54 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:00:45 franklin MailScanner[8383]: New Batch: Found 61 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:01:51 franklin MailScanner[8449]: New Batch: Found 65 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:02:51 franklin MailScanner[8449]: New Batch: Found 63 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:05:46 franklin MailScanner[9034]: New Batch: Found 67 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:05:59 franklin MailScanner[9139]: New Batch: Found 68 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:10:20 franklin MailScanner[9175]: New Batch: Found 81 messages waiting 
Aug 30 12:13:35 franklin MailScanner[10652]: New Batch: Found 106 messages waiting

	When I tail mail.log it certainly *looks* like messages are getting 
scanned, just not delivered.
	Any other kind souls have suggestions on where to look for my goof? I'm 
scratching my head here...

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