MailScanner hangs once a day

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Mon Aug 28 18:59:20 IST 2006

On 28/08/06, Sergio García <sergiogc at> wrote:
> Another important thing that I have forgotten is that MailScanner didn´t
> stop
> netiher on Saturday nor on Sunday, but today (Monday) it has stopped
> and I have had to restart it.
Hm, well then.... One would surmise that *something* is happening
weekdays that isn't happening during the weekends. I trust you looked
at all the possible cron jobs (crontabs hi and lo ... /etc/cron*/* and
the "oldstyle" crontabs) without finding anything that stood out?
And no new connections to your MTA at the time of ... demise? (I'm
thinking "huge mail" bringing things ... low...)

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