Could Be OT: How many people only accept reverse DNS lookupmail?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Aug 28 16:42:55 IST 2006

Jim Holland wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Julian Field wrote:
>> On a slightly related question, I built this on a client's machine
>> the other day, but could not remotely see how to configure it. The
>> docs are next to useless from what I could find.
>> Hints?
> See my rough notes below for a Debian installation, written in
> hindsight 

Very similar to what I did.  I felt like I was sorta flying blind, but
it seems to be working.  I'm not sure, but I got the impression looking
at the logs the other day that the access file was parsed before the
milter.  I'm not sure if it actually overrides it or just gets checked
first but it may be a poor man's whitelist if it does override.

My primary motivation is to do the recipient address checks, since we're
using Exchange, and that works pretty well.  Only thing is, I changed
syslog to notice but it still seems to log validated recipient
addresses.  Haven't notified the author yet.  Anybody else tried that?

    local2.notice     -/var/log/sav.log

Looking forward to the updated version.  W/o getting too off topic, I'd
be interested in peoples thoughts on how it compares to milter-ahead and
milter-sender.  Is the difference worth the $100 (give or take)?

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