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Sun Aug 27 11:46:47 IST 2006

On 26/08/06, Julian Field <mailscanner at> wrote:
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> Glenn Steen wrote:
> > <EvilGrin> That's reserved for top-posters </Evil Grin>
> > Semi-seriosly though... Whichever LART makes you happy, that would be
> > perfectly fine:-D. One can easily imagine recreating some
> > "Transylvanian Count Vlad moments" with such an implemeny....:-)
> Don't be rude about Transylvania, they use MailScanner! (no joke, take a
> look at the page).

No rudeness to transylvanians in general intended. The Count refered
to is, of course the historic character that lies at the foundation fo
the Dracula myth... Splendid chap who liked to stick a pointy stick up
peoples backside, to create a truly horrid death... Now, if one looks
at historic rulers/despots/tyrants in general they tend to have
endearing traits like these, all and sundry... So perhaps the count
has a somewhat smeared reputation:-).
In this context, the suggestion would be to emulate count Vald, in
handling spammers in such a manner (this i indeed a joke... No sane
person should try this at home:-).

-- Glenn
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