MailScanner + kaspersky-4.5/5.5 problem

Paul Tenfjord paul at
Fri Aug 25 19:44:22 IST 2006

Evening all.

I've been trying to get MailScanner use Kaspersky virus scanner without 
I downloaded a trial version (kav5.5trial) and installed the deb file. The deb 
file installed Kaspersky to /opt/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers/. 
The wrapper script runs successfully, yet the log file never shows kaspersky 
scan the email, I can however see Clamav and Mailscanner entries in the 
detailed report. 
I have edited the installation directory in virus.scanners.conf to point 
to /opt/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers . 

thin# /opt/MailScanner/lib/kaspersky-wrapper /opt/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers
[25/08/06 20:38:25 I] Kaspersky Anti-Virus On-Demand Scanner for Linux. 
Version 5.5.10/RELEASE build #115, compiled Mar 29 2006, 14:17:08
[25/08/06 20:38:25 I] License file 001BEE74.key, serial 0038-000413-001BEE74, 
"Kaspersky Anti-Virus BO for SendMail / Qmail / Postfix International 
Edition. 50-MailAddress 1 month Trial Download Pack", expires 24-09-2006 in 
28 days
[25/08/06 20:38:27 I] There are 205521 records loaded, the latest update 
[25/08/06 20:38:27 I] The scan path: /opt/MailScanner-4.55.10/etc
[25/08/06 20:38:29 I] Scan summary: Files=432 Folders=20 Archives=181 Packed=0 
Infected=0 Warnings=0 Suspicios=0 Cured=0 CureFailed=0 Corrupted=0 
Protected=0 Error=0 ScanTime=00:00:02 ScanSpeed=1642.812 Kb/s

thin#  grep -ri kasper mail.log
Aug 25 19:42:01 mx11 update.virus.scanners: Found kaspersky-4.5 installed
Aug 25 19:42:01 mx11 update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for 
Aug 25 19:42:10 mx11 kaspersky-autoupdate[5949]: Kaspersky-5.0 updated

MailScanner.conf : 
Virus Scanners = clamav kaspersky-4.5

virus.scanners.conf : 
kaspersky-4.5   /opt/MailScanner/lib/kaspersky-wrapper  /opt/kav/5.5/kav4mailservers

MailScanner –lint : 
MailScanner.conf says "Virus Scanners = clamav kaspersky-4.5"
Found these virus scanners installed: clamav, kaspersky-4.5

Vitals : 
MailScanner 4.55.10
Kaspersky 5.5trial installed in default location. 

Any suggestions or hints would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards Paul. 

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