sending mail from command line in FreeBSD 6.1

rob rob at
Thu Aug 24 20:22:54 IST 2006

Not sure if this will work in FreeBSD, but I use this with CentOS

Usage:  sendEmail [options]   or   command | sendEmail [options]

    -f <from>            from email address
    -t <to> [<to>]       to email address(es) (space separated list)

    -u <subject>         (this will soon be -s, and -s will become -h[ost])
    -m <message>         if -m is absent the message is read from STDIN
    -s <server[:port]>   default is localhost:25

    -a <file> [<file>]   file attachment(s)
    -cc  <to> [<to>]     cc  email address(es)
    -bcc <to> [<to>]     bcc email address(es)

    -l <logfile>         log to the specified file
    -v                   verbosity - use multiple times for greater effect
    -q                   be quiet (no stdout output)

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Anyone know how i can send a mail to user from command line in FreeBSD
with an attachment ? I tried sendmail -toi user at < test.txt
but the test.txt doesn't come as an attachment, the contents of the
file comes in the body of the mail.

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