Solaris 10 init.d startup failing

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Thu Aug 24 17:42:45 IST 2006

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Martin Hepworth wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Solaris 10 init.d startup failing
> Ray Gardener wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I had cause to reboot a Sunblade server running Exim and MailScanner 
>> version 4.53.8 and noticed a error. The mailscanner program is started by 
>> invoking MailScanner from the exim startup script in /etc/init.d. [I know 
>> this is a legacy method for Solaris 10 but do this to maintain consistency 
>> with other mailhubs based on Solaris 9]. On boot-up mainscannner instances 
>> were started and the startup log line was present in /var/log/maillog but 
>> the instances of mailscanner ate memory very quickly and didn't process 
>> mail. Pkilling the mailscanner instances and stopping and starting the 
>> init.d script resulted in a working system processing mail.
>> Has anyone else seen this on Solaris 10 and if so is there a workaround?
>> Incientally I later created a smf mailscanner service and tried to use that 
>> to start mailscanner but this also ate memory and didn't process mail.
>> Regards,
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> Ray
> only problem like this is when using MS in combination with MailWatch.
> Problem can be that mysql isn't fully operational by the time MS starts 
> the first connection hangs.
> I solved this by putting a wait 30 at the start() function to make sure mysql 
> is up and accepting connections before we start MS.


Can you post a diff of your change to the list so I can try it here?
I don't use MailWatch or sql, so maybe a smaller wait time would solve
my issue.  Thanks.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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