AOL problems

Colin Jack colin at
Wed Aug 23 12:03:18 IST 2006

We are having problems with AOL not allowing email because the reverse
lookup fails. The problem is that it is failing it on the wrong address
... let me explain ;)

Our users relay mail off our server
( and have done for years. DNS is okay.

Many of our users however have dynamic IP addresses when they coneect to
our server to send mail and this also shows in the header. So if we use
an example of a user with a dynamic IP of connecting to
server1 to send email to AOL, the AOL mail server is bouncing it because
it says the IP does not have a valid DNS reverse. Why I
don't know ... but I wondered if it had anything to do with MailScanner
because that is a new addition to this box.

In /etc/sysconfig I have found a MailScanner file with this in it:

# Sendmail Settings
MSPUSER=smmsp  # User for mail submission queue runner
MSPGROUP=smmsp # Group for mail submission queue runner


What does the SMPID line mean?

Hope I have explained clearly!



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