SA bayes not working / autolearn inactive?

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Tue Aug 22 16:02:49 IST 2006

Hello all,


I set up a new MailScanner server today, basically as a clone of an already existing one in the pool.  I have SpamAssassin's "autolearn" feature enabled on the existing mail servers; however, even though I have the same environment and configuration file on the new incoming server, autolearn does not appear to be activated.  It's either that, or bayes just isn't activating properly, and autolearn is deactivating on it's own.. I'm just not sure.


Relevant config snippet:


use_bayes         1

bayes_path        /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/bayes/bayes

bayes_auto_learn                          1

bayes_auto_learn_threshold_nonspam        -5.0

bayes_auto_learn_threshold_spam           12



On the servers which appear to have functioning Bayes databases, the "autolearn=*" string appears in the Score line as one would expect.  On the new server, the autolearn string simply does not appear, and the "bayes_*" files do not grow in size.  Oddly enough, running a lint check on the new server shows no obvious problems:


[18747] dbg: bayes: tie-ing to DB file R/O /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/bayes/bayes_toks [18747] dbg: bayes: tie-ing to DB file R/O /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/bayes/bayes_seen

[18747] dbg: bayes: found bayes db version 3

[18747] dbg: bayes: DB journal sync: last sync: 0

[18747] dbg: bayes: not available for scanning, only 0 spam(s) in bayes DB < 200

[18747] dbg: bayes: untie-ing

[18747] dbg: bayes: untie-ing db_toks [18747] dbg: bayes: untie-ing db_seen


Which is, of course, exactly what you'd expect.


Any ideas?  Thanks!




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