Thoughts on Barracudas?

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Yeah, defender would seriously cut into billable hours and we really
don't want that. ;)

We can all cron the thing until our eyes bleed but I prefer not to; that
way every couple weeks the spam increases a bit (as it normally does as
spamers figure ways around the blocks), and the client calls and
mentions it; we add a few more rules or update the version or SA and the
junk goes away for a while.

I've trained all my clients that keeping spam at bay is hard and
requires vigilance; you make an appliance that does that well and I'll
be pissed.  I think the barracuda does a good job, but since it's an
appliance it does appliance level work.  If you want to knock off 80% of
the spam with 20% of the work, barracuda will do that; but a properly
manged MS box will do quite a bit better imho, but that performance
comes from a human making decisions and isn't that what they pay us for?

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> DefenderMX packages all of the application as rpms which use 
> or scripts to do all the work. Very easy to
install or upgrade.
> Version 2.0 (out this fall) will use `yum` to make this even less of a

> challenge :)

Now there is one of the last differences between DefenderMX and a
The option of easy updates. When that version is out, you could almost
set cron to do weekly yum updates, and your system would stay

I am afraid that if I had a Defender, my PHB's might decide I don't have
enough to do!  ;-)

>> In essence all of that would turn MailScanner into a appliance type 
>> machine, which I would think it would appeal to even more people.

> Steve

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