Postfix 2.3 and MailScanner

Holger Gebhard holger at
Sun Aug 20 17:35:43 IST 2006

Hi Julian,

the failure happens only with some messages, not all.
The attached archive contains some example messages.

Thanks for help :-)


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Does this happen with all messages, or only some?
Can you isolate a single message that causes this problem for me please?
I would suggest using "Archive Mail =" to archive all your mail and then
use the logs to identify a particular message that causes the problem to
be logged, and one that doesn't cause the problem.

It is essential that you archive as "Raw Queue Files".

If you can then send me one message file that causes the problem, and
one message that doesn't cause it, I can take a look and fix it.

I haven't played with Postfix 2.3 much yet, so have little experience of
it. This is clearly another hurdle Wietse has created for my benefit :-)

Holger Gebhard wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> Hi Group,
> i run mailscanner with postfix (split queues) for many years with no
> problems.
> Currently running mailscanner version 4.52.2.
> The last week i upgraded postfix from 2.2 to 2.3.
> After the upgrade i can see some strange warnings from postfix in my
> mail-logs: "ignoring out-of-order DSN original recipient..."
> I searched some group and found this threat:
> The strange is that only some messages are affected by this failure not
> all.
> I tried both postfix implementations (single postfix with hold queue and
> split queues with two postfix instances) with no success. The warning is
> still there with some messages.
> Fortunately the affected messages are still being delivered.
> But where come this failure from?
> Holger

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