153 will not deliever from the Outbound

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Aug 18 15:57:21 IST 2006


Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
> Ok....
> On the particular emails that I was checking to make sure that they went
> through have.  So everything is going to iron out looks like.  (Outbound
> down to 23 now)
> However, questions if someone would be so kind to answer them.
> MailScanner was always working fine, it was the exchange machine that I
> messed up and it started blocking connections to only certain emails.  
> What does sendmail do with these emails?  
> Apparently holds on to them until they are delivered and are referred
> to as deffered?  
> There was a log entry that sent a notification to the sender that it
> failed after 4 hours.  What happens after that?  
> Why does it wait so long before trying to send the deffered emails
> again, assuming that is a sendmail setting?  
> Can you tell sendmail to process them "now"?
> As usual, you guys are the best at responding and helping out.  

The default settings for sendmail is to continue retying for 5 days, 
sending a warning after 4 hours.

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