SASL authenticated users marked as spam

Tony Stocker akostocker at
Fri Aug 18 15:15:08 IST 2006


We set up our server to allow SASL authenticated users to be able to
send (relay) mail through the server.  This way they can use their
mail clients at home or on the road and we don't have to worry about
the ip address.  However in early testing of this we found that
several emails from users who had authenticated were getting marked as
spam by SA (full score line below).  Is there a way to set a rule that
will put SASL authenticated users as 'safe' or at least give a
negative score?

Aug  8 22:38:55 pps-mail MailScanner[31647]: Message BBF838EB2C.21AF6
from (tony.stocker at to, is
spam, SpamAssassin (not cached, score=5.266, required 3, BAYES_50

Both of the IN_*_DUL rules seem to indicate a 'hit' because of being a
"dial up user" based on what I could find on the web.  However I
believe, if we set things up right, that only authenticated users
should be able to submit messages into the system.  So should I just
disable these rules?  That seems a little ham-fisted to me, and I
don't want to degrade spam detection I just don't want our users own
outbound mails getting marked as spam.

Any ideas?


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