153 will not deliever from the Outbound

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WoodMacLaw.com
Fri Aug 18 14:47:28 IST 2006

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> Subject: 153 will not deliever from the Outbound
> Well I created a little mess for myself.  I configured the Exchange
> machine some with filtering and it was blocking some emails.  The
> maillog would say this:
> Aug 18 07:47:34 WoodenMS2 sendmail[2677]: k7IBlMHk002635:
> to=<cbutler at woodmaclaw.com>, delay=00:00:12, xdelay=00:00:00,
> mailer=esmtp, pri=121593, relay=[] [], dsn=4.0.0,
> stat=Deferred: Connection refused by []
> So seemingly the ones that got the connection refused message are
> held in MailScanner.
> I configured exchanges rules, and I no longer get these messages and
> email is not getting rejected.  The Outbound used to be about 300 and
> seemingly they were all going to get delivered until it stuck on 153,
> well 152 now.  (minus one email in about 10 minutes)
> Am I missing something to get MailScanner to deliver these emails?

I was trying to do some things to see the emails.  My inbound and
outbound are the default /var/spool/mqueue and /var/spool/mqueue.in

Will someone give me some tips on how to manually manipulate the emails?
My Inbound and Outbound links in MailWatch show nothing on the page so I
am not able to see what is in them.  

How does someone copy/move the emails from mqueue into a mailbox so that
one can sift through them?  As I am wanting to see what is in these
emails because people are wondering about specific emails and I want to
at least make sure that I got them.

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