Some more on AV scanners.

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Aug 17 15:04:21 IST 2006

Since bdc has turned into payware, I'm thinking about the alternatives.
Today I run with ClamAV, McAfee and BitDefender.

Looking at the list of supported scanners, I'm leaning either toward
implementing AVG or Norman. Does anyone have any experience with these
two they'd care to share?
Or perhaps F-secure or Antivir... same there, what's your experience?
Or how about Kaspersky or DrWeb?

The cheapest alternative is likely Panda (buy their cheapest product
so that you can get at the updates), but .... I've never particularly
liked that one:).

Sophos, vexira, f-prot and nod32 seemed a bit steep, which would
likely cull them from my list (tightfisted PHB:-). And I just detest
Trend, Symantec and CA, so those went out before the start:-).

Going through the list of supported scanners in MailScanner.conf I
noted that the URL for Norman points to their German site, which is a
bit strange considering they are Norwegian... or would be better... And the link to Command just doesn't
seem to work at all. Does it still exist?
BTW, I suppose Jules could cull RAV from the list pretty soon too...
It's "Microsoft" nowadays, and I couldn't find any *nix scanner at all
at their site (rather unsurprising:-).

I've also noted that there are a few(!) scanners we don't support...
Would there be any interest in getting a wrapper going for Avast!, Una
or some other AV?

-- Glenn
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