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Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Aug 16 23:26:22 IST 2006

DAve spake the following on 8/16/2006 2:19 PM:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> Steve Campbell spake the following on 8/16/2006 1:20 PM:
>>> Decided to make an intelligent statement this time:
>>> One thing I did find to lower my load average, though, was MimeDefang in
>>> a look-ahead environment.
>>> Before installing MimeDefang,  I was receiving about 25K messages a day
>>> per server. Most of those were secondary MX relays, that is, mail sent
>>> to the secondary MX by spammers, and then relayed to the primary MX or
>>> mail store. I just use the look-ahead function in MD, nothing else. The
>>> load average was slowly climbing into the 8+ range and higher as a norm.
>>> After the install, my message count dropped to around 10K a day, and the
>>> load average dropped to around 2-3 as a norm. It still shoots up once in
>>> a while, but nothing like before MD.
>>> Obviously, running MD will add overhead, but the drop of about 60%
>>> emails needing to be scanned more than made up for that. I then was
>>> better able to detect more hosts/IP to add to my MTA access file, which
>>> made things even better.
>>> Another thing to mention is that before and after, mail ran smoothly. It
>>> just took a little bit longer before installing MD as there were always
>>> more processes (sendmail) trying to deliver DSN mail and the likes.
>>> This is not an answer for all systems - it's just that I use my MXs in a
>>> bazaar way (I think). My primary MX for one domain is a secondary MX for
>>> another domain. The primaries hold the mailboxes for their domain.
>>> No smiley face statements here.
>> That is how I have been doing it. My PHB's will only spring for a
>> single T-1
>> line to each site, so to get some decent fallback I had to do it that
>> way.
>> Doesn't make much sense to put your secondary on the same end of a
>> failure.
>> I was looking at milter-ahead until it stopped being free.
>> I have been looking for a clear howto for MD to do just what you have.
>> Do you
>> have a good example or link to one?
>> I don't want MD to do anything except the look-ahead.
> It's only $115 USD, far cheaper than the cost of the hardware it would
> take to reduce the load the same amount.
> We currently use the old-free version. But as soon as we need the
> accessdb configurations we will purchase the new version.
> DAve
I think I have the old free version around. You need it and the libsnert from
the same time, correct?


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