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Also, a load of 10-15 is not uncommon. The load average means very 
little. Most of it can be caused by network DNS lookups. Watching how 
much you swap is far more important.

Many of my MailScanner systems run with a load average of 10-15.
I recommend 1Gb of RAM per CPU (Max Children=5*number of CPUs).	
Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> You *do* know that MailScanner causes swap, don't you? ;-)
> Rob Poe wrote:
>> What's your swap utilization?  1gig of ram using tempfs and MailScanner
>> sounds like too little ram...
>>>>> "Jeremy Blonde" <JeremyBlonde at> 8/15/2006 1:26 PM
>> I've been wanting to use Bayes for our mailscanner system, but I'm
>> wondering now if the overhead is worth it.  We have a new mailscanner
>> box running with Postfix (under Gentoo Linux) and it works pretty
>> well,
>> we're filtering between 75-80% of our mail as spam.  The box however,
>> is
>> hammered, it's running around 5-6 with spikes to 8-9.  I've just
>> turned
>> off bayes and I'll see how the load is once it's processed all the
>> back
>> logged messages.  We're averaging about 15,000-20,000 messages a day
>> (probably more once the school year starts).  Mailscanner is running
>> on
>> an HP DL320, hyper-threaded proc, 1 GB of RAM, and raid 1 drives.
>> Is that normal for using bayes with mailscanner or do I need to tweak
>> some things?
>> (I'm already using tmpfs for a little bit of a speed up).
>> Jeremy Blonde
>> Instructional Technology - Server Support
>> Grant Joint Union School District
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