OT: Sendmail Violence

Mauricio mauriciopcavalcanti at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 15 22:03:16 IST 2006

I´m using Gentoo, sendmail and MS 4.56.1 and it was made to filter SPAM e
redirect to an internal Exchange. I use ForkEachJob=true in sendmail.

At this morning, my internal exchange crashes and made my queue (not
mqueue.in) grows rapidly. When it Exchange returns, I use sendmail -q
command and my load grows to 400. After that, I could not work and
everything seems to be stopped what about 1 minute.

When my server waked up (after this sendmail violence), I have no queue and
no load.

Anyone knows an issue to limit sendmail to not make a DOS on itself?

Thanks in advance and sorry for OT,

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