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The program (the binary) should have been called nod32, but they might 
have changed that.
Try this:
cd /usr/sbin
ln -s new32cli nod32
and then run MailScanner again.

Gordon Colyn wrote:
> Yep, installed in correct path and updated config to specified nod32-1.99. 
> Looked in the files and picked up I don't have the file nod32 only have;
> nod32_update
> nod32d
> nod32mda
> nod32smtp
> nod32smfi
> nod32cli
> Gordon
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> Where did you install Nod32? MailScanner assumes /usr/sbin unless you
> have it somewhere else. And you are using
> Virus Scanners = nod32-1.99
> aren't you?
> Virus Scanners = nod32
> is for old versions (this is documented in MailScanner.conf immediately
> above the "Virus Scanners" setting).
> If you have installed it elsewhere, then you need to tell MailScanner
> where it is by editing /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf
> Gordon Colyn wrote:
>> ITNT Banner CampaignCan someone confirm what version of nod32 works with
>> Mailscanner, I have tried to install nod32 for mail server but it doesn't
>> get picked up by Mailscanner.
>> Thanks
>> Gordon Colyn

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