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Greg Borders gborders at
Tue Aug 15 17:55:41 IST 2006

I just did something very similar to this for one of my users.  You can 
use a couple of rules to deliver the messages for the specific user.  
Here's mine.

in the MailScaner/rules directory, create a file
In that, add rules for users
      To: picky at deliver store header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"
      To: finiky@* deliver store header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"
      FromOrTo: default delete store

then make another rule file:
In that, add rules for users
     To: picky at deliver store header "X-Spam-Status: No"
     To: finiky@* deliver store header "X-Spam-Status: No"
     FromOrTo: default deliver store

Then in the MailScanner.conf file, update the settings for spam to point 
to the new rules.

High Scoring Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/highscoring.spam.actions.rules
Non Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/non.spam.actions.rules

Restart MailScanner, and now your picky and finiky users will get all 
their mail delivered and only virus laden mails are slain.
With the extra header spam status, Thunderbird clients can filter them 
to the users junk folder automatically, and then leave the house keeping 
to them.
This method will allow you to still scan messages, and deliver them 
selectively.  You can also tweak the other options as you see fit.

Good luck!

Greg. Borders
Sys. Admin.
Javier Martinez wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have a problematic user, I have working mailscanner and spamassassin, but my user is complaining all time about his email. Is any posibility to use
> mailscanner for all my users and don't check email for this user??
> Thanks a lot.
> Javier

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