Can MailScanner Individualizing Filename/Filetype rules ?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Tue Aug 15 16:12:36 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:

> Yes.
> Read up on it at It is documented in there, and
> in the book, is quite some detail.
> Lasantha Marian wrote:
>> Is there a way to individualize the Filename and Filetype rules based
>> on e-mail addresses ? If YES, a brief explanation is much
>> appreciated. 
>> Eg: e-mail address xyz at can receive all (*.*) while uvw at
>> can only receive PDF (*.pdf). 

You might also look through the archives (we still have archives,
right?) for a thread with the subject "filename/type exceptions" .  Last
week I ask a similar question and got some good replies...

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