MailScanner is not working

Anwar Sanusi anwarsanusi at
Tue Aug 15 10:35:00 IST 2006

Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Anwar Sanusi wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Please help me to fix my problem.
>> We can not send or receive email because our email just stay at 
>> Incoming Queue Directory "/var/spool/". Please help me how 
>> to solve this problem ?
>> Thanks & regards
>> anwar
> Anything in the maillog file to indicate any problems..
> have you run MailScanner in Debug mode to see if there are any 
> problems showing there?
i am new commer in Linux and Mail server ? can you advise where i can 
see maillog file ?
and how to run debug mode ?
thks for your advise

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