OT - Multiple Virus Scanners

John Rudd jrudd at ucsc.edu
Tue Aug 15 08:26:33 IST 2006

On Aug 14, 2006, at 11:46 PM, Jon Bates wrote:

> Hi,
> I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on running multiple 
> virus scanners with MailScanner. I'm currently only running ClamAV, 
> and I was thinking about running one or two more.
> Could someone recommend what other scanner/s to use? My main concern 
> is system resources. I would like something that doesn't load up the 
> server too much more as ClamAV is quite light on resources from my 
> experience with it.

My opinion is: if you can run 2, do it.  Always good to have an extra 
layer of defense, but don't cause more overhead than you need to.

ClamAV is a _great_ choice for your first pass.

 From there, I remember an article that Kaspersky was very highly rated 
for protection ... but it's not available on a diverse set of 
platforms.  If you can get it, go with them for your second layer.

We use sophos, but we get a good price break (edu discount), and 
because we're a university, we're going to have put a big budget into 
whatever we get (due to our # of users).  For other people, sophos is 
probably pretty pricey.

Not sure who else to mention.  I suppose it's worth looking at McAfee 
or something.

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