About forwarding mail

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Mon Aug 14 22:57:05 IST 2006


> Something no common is happening with my mail server. Mail forwarding via 
> .forward files was working fine, but recently, I think after install 
> MailScanner, .forward files doesn't work any more, are silently ignored. Is 
> there a relation between the use of MailScanner and .forward files?
> I'm using CentOS 4.3, mailscanner-4.55.10-3, sendmail-8.13, procmail-3.22-14, 
> and f-prot + clamav antivirus.

A .forward should be a procmail/sendmail issue. MailScanner doesnt even 
know about any .forward...

So i think, in short, no!


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