Rul set for Spam Subject Text ???

jay shi jayesha_shinde at
Mon Aug 14 10:30:52 IST 2006

 Thanks Peter for ur quick response.

 I am using MailScanner  4.48.4 with multidomain
 sendmail. For low Score SPAM i am using this
 Spam Subject Text = {possible spam} as a tag
      One of my domain ( ask me, he dont't
want this tag
 , but other domains (, ) are demanding
this feature.
      i want to write rule set for above condition,
Here is my rules for it in MailScanner.conf :--

Spam Modify Subject = yes
Spam Subject Text = %rules-dir%/spam.subject.rules

cat /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.subject.rules
From:           {possible spam}
From:           {possible spam} 

service MailScanner restart

     I may be wrong, if it plz correct me.   
Thanks & Regards

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