OT - Greylisting (was: Re: gOCR SpamAssassin plugin)

David While David.While at uce.ac.uk
Sat Aug 12 18:17:33 IST 2006

For the Redhat make sure that you have the sendmail-devel rpm installed. the libmilter is not part of the sendmail rpm but the sendmail development rpm.
David While

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	> >> Greylisting decreases load immeasurably on a mailscanner
	> system, the
	> >> cost of greylisting is much less then allowing the message to go
	> >> through the mailscanner sytem. I deployed it several
	> months ago, it
	> >> really is a good tool, and I've had very few complaints
	> (10000 users).
	> >
	> > I just use Sendmails greet pause which is 10 seconds to set up and
	> > works a treat - does greylisting add significant control or
	> > improvement over that?  Anybody using them in tandom or is
	> one or the
	> > other to be preferred?
	> I use both, and I have had to turn the greetpause setting
	> down to about
	> 2 or 3 seconds, as some systems (such as NTMail) don't check
	> properly for the welcome message before sending the HELO or
	> EHLO. At that sort of setting, it has little benefit. And
	> there is no easy way to set up a whitelist with greetpause.
	> Greylisting (using milter-greylist) has a superb little
	> whitelist facility, and shares the current greylist database
	> between multiple MX's with minimal effort, using a TCP
	> connection between each one.
	I have been trying to install milter-greylist all day on my sendmail 8.12 &
	8.13 systems (Redhat & Centos mixture), but keep getting the error "checking
	for smfi_register in -lmilter -lsm... no
	checking for smfi_register in -lmilter -lsmutil... no
	Required libmilter not found. Use --with-libmilter"
	I have tried google, but as yet have not found the answer, has any kind
	person give me a clue ?
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