OT - Greylisting

James L. Day lday at txk.k12.ar.us
Sat Aug 12 18:22:59 IST 2006


I ran the test that Julian sent and the welcome prompt was delayed about
5 seconds.  When I added the host I ran the test from to "access.db",
the prompt appeared almost immediately.  So, greet_delay does appear to

I ran the following two commands and came up empty:

MailFilter:/var/log# grep "rejecting commands" *
MailFilter:/var/log# grep greeting *

I have Sendmail checking against a couple of blacklists in rbldnsd and
that has been blocking about 98% of what comes in.  Is it possible that
Sendmail is doing the RBL lookup and refusing the message before
greet_delay kicks in?


Stephen Swaney wrote:
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>> How can I tell if Sendmail's greetpause is working?  I don't see any
>> evidence in the log files..
>> Thanks,
>> Lynn
> You'll see tons of messages similar to:
> Aug  6 11:25:00 mta10 sendmail[7675]: k76FP0mR007675: rejecting commands
> from dsl-201-102-42-43.prod-infinitum.com.mx [] due to
> pre-greeting traffic
> Steve
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