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Sat Aug 12 15:11:33 IST 2006

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Kevin Miller wrote:
> Michael Baird wrote:
>> Greylisting decreases load immeasurably on a mailscanner system, the
>> cost of greylisting is much less then allowing the message to go
>> through the mailscanner sytem. I deployed it several months ago, it
>> really is a good tool, and I've had very few complaints (10000 users).
> I just use Sendmails greet pause which is 10 seconds to set up and works
> a treat - does greylisting add significant control or improvement over
> that?  Anybody using them in tandom or is one or the other to be
> preferred?

I use both, and I have had to turn the greetpause setting down to about 
2 or 3 seconds, as some systems (such as NTMail) don't check properly 
for the welcome message before sending the HELO or EHLO. At that sort of 
setting, it has little benefit. And there is no easy way to set up a 
whitelist with greetpause.

Greylisting (using milter-greylist) has a superb little whitelist 
facility, and shares the current greylist database between multiple MX's 
with minimal effort, using a TCP connection between each one.

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