MS unable to detect From address from DSN and failure notice emails

Drew Marshall drew at
Fri Aug 11 17:45:29 IST 2006

On Fri, August 11, 2006 17:25, Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> Most DSN's are sent with a From: HEADER that contains mailer-daemon, or
>> postmaster. However by RFC requirements the ENVELOPE From is <> (empty
>> or null
>> address).
>> This much should explain the logging, as MailScanner is logging the
>> envelope
>> from, not the content of the body-text From: header. Sendmail MTA's copy
>> the
>> envelope from to the "Return-Path" header upon delivery. I'm not sure
>> what
>> postfix does, but you might want to check it. To see what your MTA is
>> using,
>> this message should have an envelope from of
>> "mailscanner-bounces at", not mkettler at

Postfix does exactly the same. The Null sender is usually just shown as
Return-Path: <> in the headers, which would explain the MW logging.

Sadly I agree about the postfix list, mention MailScanner and you tend to
be on a looser :-( Having said that Weitse is usually pretty good about
following RFCs so I am confident that Postfix will be properly behaved
with DSNs.


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