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Jim Holland wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Aug 2006, Julian Field wrote:
>> The solution to this that I have just deployed here is "greylisting". I
>> have set the delay time to 10 minutes, and the whitelist-remember time
>> to 32 days. No-one notices the 10 minutes delay on the first email in a
>> conversation, and 32 days means that the monthly email reminder messages
>> from mailing lists are whitelisted.
>> My users are *really* fussy, and I ran a trial of greylisting for a week
>> with a few selected users who opted in to the trial. I purposely didn't
>> tell them what I was changing so I could run a proper blind test. Not
>> one of them noticed the 10 minute delay time. So I have just deployed it
>> out to all 2000 users I have, and there have been no complaints at all.
> I am puzzled to hear this, because the 10 minute delay time is set on your
> side - ie the delay time between connection attempts before your server
> will accept the connection.  However it doesn't take into consideration
> the problem of the delay that will occur on the sending side between
> delivery attempts.  Many systems will retry delivery only after a fairly
> long interval.  The default for sendmail is 30 minutes, but some busy
> systems will have a default of as long as 4 hours.  This means that in 
> practice I would expect the real delay to be far longer than 10 minutes 
> for many messages.
> Worse still, there are some systems that will treat a 451 error as a fatal
> error, and will not retry the mail.  I have found this with Yahoo and
> Gmail, for example.  (I was trying to force them to deliver to our
> secondary MX that has more bandwidth than we do because of their very
> annoying failure to implement the ESTMP "size" extension - meaning that we
> sometimes have to accept say 10 MB of traffic before we can then tell them
> that the message is too large.)
There is a list of the known large sites that suffer this problem, you 
just put it in your greylist.conf file. The milter-greylist package 
comes with it already inserted for you.


> Another concern is the impact that greylisting would have on the Internet 
> if its adoption became widespread - it would mean that all mail servers 
> would have to work twice as hard to deliver mail.  I do find the delivery 
> delays rather annoying as a sender of mail - seeing mail stuck in the mail 
> queue waiting for some possibly unknown period of time before it gets 
> accepted.
I agree with you. But in practice no-one appears to notice. After all, 
how many people sit there tail-ing their outgoing mail logs?
> That said, I am sure that greylisting does make a big impact on spam for
> those that implement it.
It certainly does.

I quite agree that there are various aspects of greylisting with which I 
am not entirely happy, but the advantages for my users outweigh them 
substantially. My management, who are not PHB's at all, agree with me. I 
am in the lucky position of having bosses who I respect :-)

>> It has got rid of the single-image stock adverts completely. :-)
>> Daniel Maher wrote:
>>> I've noticed that a lot of the image spam uses bitmap (.bmp) images.  Unfortunately, that SARE plugin appears to handle gif, png, and jpg images only.  Does anybody know of a plugin that will recognise bmp's as well?
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