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Roman wrote:
> I am trying to figure out how can I set up MailScanner & sendmail this way
> that I'll be able to have 2 separated directories.
> I have one email account through which I send news letters (20-40k emails)
> and other emails that I use for regular emails.
> The problem is when the newsletter being send out it fills
> and mail can not be delivered before MailScanner scans all 20-40k emails.
> I saw posts here that people were able to configure different outgoing 
> queues (fast, slow)
> But I think that the bottleneck is SPAM and Virus scanning in 
> Mailscanner. So I want to separate
> queues before it gets to MailScanner processing
> .
> What I would like to achieve is have a and
> so that regular mail goes to and newsletter mail will 
> go to
> and have some mechanism to move messages from and 
> to MailScanner for processing and delivery, or 
> have MailScanner process both directories with some priority.
> This way regular mail won't stack in waiting to be delivered 
> only after all newsletters have been delivered.
> Have anyone was able to achieve something similar to what I am trying to 
> achieve.
> Am I missing something ?
> Any ideas ?

You can tell MailScanner to use multiple incoming queues, 
that's easy, read the docs in MailScanner.conf where you set the directory location.

However, that won't provide you with any priority over the 2 queues.
To do that you will need some script that puts things from the low 
priority queue into MailScanner only when there is virtually nothing in 
the high priority queue.

I could write this for you, but I would have to charge you for doing it, 
as I have to pay the bills just like anyone else. You guys get 
MailScanner for free, but you don't get the rest of my time for free, sorry.

But it's not a very big job, so won't cost you a fortune.

Let me know off-list if you are interested.

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