MailScanner ANNOUNCE: Revision to 4.55

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Aug 9 19:01:52 IST 2006

Julian Field spake the following on 8/7/2006 10:46 AM:
> The author of the Sys::Syslog perl module has withdrawn it due to
> problems including compatibility issues with some Linux distributions.
> The most obvious effect is that the "make test" step may hang part-way
> through the tests.
> As a result, I have had no alternative other than to reluctantly publish
> a revision of the latest stable release of MailScanner.
> If you had problems installing 4.55.9 (notably on some CentOS systems)
> then download and upgrade to 4.55.10.
> Download as usual from
> Note that if you had no problems installing 4.55.9, there is no reason
> to upgrade to 4.55.10.
> Sorry for this forced re-release.
Does anything change in MailScanner, or is it just the rollback of the
Sys::Syslog module?


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